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Phantom Limbs series

Floor to ceiling projection first presented in “Cabinet of Ghosts”, an exhibition at OCCCA [Orange County Center for the Arts] curated by Michael Detto and Sayon Syprasoeuth.



Cellular Stream [ Transitory Conditions series]

Los Angeles,


Iteration #1 : Site specific installation created for the commemoration of the Venice Canal Centennial and the Venice Family Clinic Art Walk, night time large scale video projection on an arched stone bridge in the Venice Canals.  The organic sound and flow of the video creates a biological bridge reflected on water.


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Los Angeles,


Iteration #2 : 2 channel installation: video projection on bridge with simultaneous projection on south bank of the canal. Site specific video installation in correlation with “Ceci n’est pas” a city wide event supporting French and American artist’s interaction.

Incubator/The Last Stars of LA

“Incubator” first prototype was created for the “Hollywood Bowl Sphere Art Project” exhibit @Tract16, Santa Monica,


7:00 loop footage and animated sequences.

Video piece displayed on a convex TV monitor encased in a mirror box.

RAM, Random Access Memory

Multimedia installation at Brand Art Galleries, Glendale


installation photosCabinet_ghost.html
installation photosRAM.html

in silico, experiment for better life forms


video Cultures

Expression derived from the Latin phrases “in vivo” and i”n vitro”. It is used to describe biological scenarios  performed on computer or via virtual simulations

Hand Made Cells #1


Project for 4 HD outdoor large LED screens  created for the inauguration of Victory Arts Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

Red Cells : Incubator : in silico

Ongoing Animation series

These pieces are a part of a series of videos that uses my graphic work as a starting point to create imaginary microcosms. Drawings and digitally created images go through mutations mimicking biological evolutionary processes. The organic-digital occurrences become an intuitive ontology of the species, an inventory of modified life forms.

Unregistered Life forms/transitory


Transitory Conditions series

Video installation for “Exquisite Electric”

Cal State Fullerton @Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana

Vertical projections, photos and digital works


Morphotropy, an inventory of seldom observed species


Video installation for “Biobalistic”

Barnsdall Los Angeles Municipal Gallery

4 channel projection on walls and floor creating a video environment, digital work on paper and cibachromes.