Phantom Limbs series

[1:40' excerpts]

TRT : 14 minutes

The phenomenon of phantom limbs experienced by amputees suggests  that we are hard-wired to perceive ourselves as a whole,  yet the brain/body dichotomy is  a pervasive and ubiquitous construct.
In Phantom Limbs the ghost is the absent body, the retainer of memories.
The chaotic choreography retraces the detours of our evolution,
the convolution of the self in its attempt to define its own reality.


snapshot from installation at Nexspace, Venice

I get nervous at times

[Phantom Limbs series]


This piece is a part of  my ongoing video series “Phantom Limbs” in which I  experiment with gestural vocabulary,  filming and editing short vignettes of  body language to examine human frailty and pathos . We  are subjected to constant neurological mechanisms, stuck in a perpetual and unconscious flow of biological feedback loops.

The series extrapolate on the alteration/integrity of the self.