Photo courtesy of Elan Lipson©

Photo courtesy of mMichael Garland

Photos courtesy of mMichael Garland

Cellular Streams [Iteration #1, 2005]

1:00 extract

Iteration #1 : Site specific installation created for the commemoration of the Venice Canal Centennial and the Venice Family Clinic Art Walk, night time large scale video projection on an arched stone bridge in the Venice Canals. The organic sound and flow of the video creates a biological bridge reflected on water. Los Angeles, 2005.

Cellular Streams [Iteration #2, 2013]

2:00 extract

Extract from a site specific video installation by Marianne Magne, in correlation with “Ceci n’est pas” a city wide event supporting French and American artist’s interaction. Location: Howland Bridge on the Venice canals, Los Angeles , March 2013. soundscape: Ann Perich, Daniel Day, Marianne Magne.

2 channel installation: video projection on bridge with simultaneous projection on south bank on the canal.