lyrics magnemX2©2010

IF I DO / Only in the few seconds of shaking hands and heads / can we throw our darts in symmetrical agreement / Corrupted perfumes he said / and the palm trees barely shiver in their never coming erection / If I do I do he said / When the freeways tie their blood up never say No / I missed quite a few things / Veins trains I'm waiting / White and red deserts dissolve everything / Snakes and belts on the interstate / I don't believe you / I don't / Believe I don't / My voice is delayed in the many time zones / The torn fabric of my body I wear casually / I don't give a damn he said / And the Falcon will carry me on the overpass downtown LA / Falling down the well / To your private hell / Falling down falling down the well / A piece of fishbone is not enough / And if I lie don't you rely I do lie I do lie if I do lie don't you rely / I am standing still / Night stars are falling / Empty landscapes are full of vacancy / Time stops access denied in your memory /

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