lyrics magnemX2©2010

FIRST MAN / First and last man went and never came again / First and last man came and sat and played their games / First and Last man came my way / One too many times / First and Last man say hey little girl where have you been? where's my dinner? what's cooking? / Hey how've you been / Where have you been hiding? / First and Last man run the steppes and stairs / First and Last man light a fire / Skin the beasts and buy their share / Skin the beasts / First and last man live by the river up high in their skyscrapers / Twig technology turns them on / Twig technology turns them on / First and last men feed from roots and dead bodies / They climb up trees they climb up trees / Where's my dinner / First and last men break their knuckles on the walls / They follow memes and fix the rules / They follow memes in their perfect world /

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