SLEEP OF THE SOCIAL ANIMAL / Who’s we Who’s we? / Who are you talking about? / Who are you? / Where did you put your I? / there is no you to say I / no you / is there? / Lost in the many lines lost / One and only One and only / Which way do you follow / too many things are left / trapped in the revolving doors / Suspended in limbo / too many unmarked roads to follow / Who’s gonna take me /who’s gonna take me from here to eternity / Dead end street / Old fallacy / Who’s gonna take me take me? / in the rain do you call me at times in the rain / il m’aurait fallu les culottes les bottes et la moto / le blouson de cuir noir for the best scenario / I was telling stories / Do you hear me? / Where are you coming from / I thought I was alone / innocuous slip of the social animal / I do apologize I do apologize / a lot / Where did you put your I? / There is no you to say I / no you / is there? /
lyrics magnemX2©2010

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