Sayon Syprasoeuth, and Michael EB Detto Curators for Cabinet of Ghosts:

How should we treat memories we leave behind – in real life, as metaphor, as a tool?

The very own substantially each one thing in itself exhibits, its innate properties, its relation to subject, time space, and language are altogether qualities which suddenly start to dissipate when we have to deal with ghosts. It is hard even to agree on one word for them: there are specters, phantoms and wreath, genie and spirit, the apparition and many other denominations to describe a phenomenon that tends to blur the demarcation line between subject and object, past and presence, here and there.

Cultural memory is collective memory, and the artist is part of it. Today’s notions of history and memory may be flawed and disputed, but they are especially problematic for the individual that experienced the disaster.

Participating Artists:

Amy Kaps & Brutal Blondes Aragna Ker, Dengue Fever, Ichiro Irie Ken Gonzales-Day, Marianne Magne, Melinda Smith Altshuler Michael EB Detto, Paula Goldman, Prumsodun Ok Richard Tuner, Sayon Syprasoeuth

still from Phantom Limbs

video  installation, ceramics and drawings  by Marianne Magne