helio-cardium volatilis

related to the dichotomic entities which can draw lines; concentrated in the subcutaneous regions of the hypokondros; erratic migrations from the left to the right hemisphere can be traced back to early meiosis stages; strongly reacts to low frequencies and distillates.

cephalea arachnida


either/or :

brainfilled membrane/shell


brainless ektoplasm/ghost.

A crystalloid filament that spreads along the nervous paths, gnawing  at synapses and nails.


a sedentary subclass of free radicals which

dwells in spinal cords, in bones and DNA;

sympathetically connected to the

hypothalamic strain that feeds on bland

and grey matter;

thrives in agitated brains,

non compos mentis

tricephal plasticoids

the unlikely off-springs of the stellar-celluloid branch which are believed to collide during rare planetary convergences.

Last archived phenomenon:

1-FIN-00001b6, pre-sequential era.

endogenous occiput

a member of the protocosmic family characterized  by  highly developed mutagenic abilities and a propensity to reproduce haplo-haphazardly.

zoophyton fallopea

also obambulara tubulariae

atypical walking invertebrate with unexplained capabilities to reconfigure its components  [99% water, 1% proteins] into serious matters; captures its prey by projecting ephemeral alloplasms.

dentus  erythrophore

similar in shape and appetite to the great red cannibalopod; largely responsible for the extinction of  the less carnivorous suborder of the ichthyophagous mylohyoideus.

id polaris 

see antipodean diploid

a stratospheric radiolarian which converts

ethereal collective archetypes into singular

obsessions as the sole means of propulsion.

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